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By Cllr Sam Stopp, LCEH – Chair

Last night, some of our many brilliant London volunteers launched a new hot food stall on The Strand. From now on, we will be there every Monday from 6.30pm.

We estimate that we provided well over 100 people with pasta, soup, hot drinks and much-needed clothes. Building on the model used by established networks such as SWAT, we have found this is a more efficient way of getting supplies to people than the method of walking long distances and searching for rough sleepers.

strand 1 Strand 2 Strand 3

This work stands alongside our ongoing commitment to Ashford Place in Brent, where our volunteers will once again be cooking for several dozen clients on Wednesday.

A year since we set up, we are therefore extending our outreach services like never before. However, we are badly in need of two things in the short-term:

  1. Funding. I cannot keep asking volunteers to dig into their pockets every week to fund this. We urgently need the trade unions and / or the Labour Party to formally fund us.
  2. A van! Transporting tables, warming plates, hot water and various other supplies to outreach is no mean feat. If you know of anyone who might be able to loan us / drive a van carrying once a week to The Strand, please email

A final word of thanks to our quite inspirational National Outreach Coordinator, Rebecca Wilson, who carried an absurd amount of supplies from Kent to London last night. She, along with all of our heroic volunteers, gives me hope that, together, we will end homelessness.