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When we launched our campaign two years ago, we wanted to do more than simply talk about ending homelessness. We wanted to get out on the streets and tackle the problem head-on, by providing outreach to rough sleepers who were freezing and starving on the UK’s streets. We wanted to do this for two reasons: 1) Because it helps people and 2) Because it forces the Labour Party to sit up and take notice.

Since we began outreach, we’ve served hundreds of rough sleepers with hot food and drink, warm clothes and much-needed sanitary products. Meanwhile, we’re in active discussions with the Labour Party, who have now committed to ending rough sleeping in the next Parliament. But our work presses on. We want Labour to commit to ending homelessness in all its forms, and we also want to make sure Labour sees that commitment through when it returns to power.

So, in truth, we are still only at the beginning. All of this means that we need to be very focussed about the work we do. Currently, Labour members in London and Exeter have been inspired by our campaign to get out on the streets and get supplies to people who need them most. In order to spread this outreach work across the country, we know we need to empower Labour members and supporters who live and work in communities across the country to run outreach of their own volition.

For the past year, Rebecca Wilson has been leading our outreach project in London. Without her efforts, and the efforts of the volunteers she has galvanised, we would not have been able to keep outreach going. Recently, she has raised £2,000 to keep feeding and clothing London’s rough sleepers. She is a very special person and we have been delighted to have her on the team. Rebecca will soon be setting up her own homelessness charity, with the specific aim of feeding London’s rough sleepers.

We are delighted to announce that we will be incorporating this new charity – whose name is TBC – under the LCEH umbrella. We will be actively encouraging Labour members who want to get involved to go and help Rebecca and the charity out on the streets. This work is vital, and it is often life-saving. It is important to stress that, while Rebecca’s new charity will be actively supported and promoted by LCEH, it is very much her own project. The relationship between LCEH and Rebecca’s charity will therefore be like the one between the Labour Party and the Co-operative Party. There will be a revolving door between the two organisations, but we will technically be independent of each other.

Meanwhile, LCEH will soon be embarking on a new phase of intensive lobbying to ensure that Labour commits to ending homelessness in all its forms. We are also planning a homelessness conference – details coming soon. This is, therefore, an exciting time to get involved with the campaign, and if you would like to be involved either in outreach or policy, please do email .

Finally, we want to place on record our sincere thanks to Rebecca Wilson for all she has done for the campaign and the people it aims to serve. She is now, and always will be, a true socialist and we know that she will continue to speak truth to power and to advance the cause of ending homelessness. Thank you, and good luck, Rebecca!