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The following email has just been sent to each and every member of Labour’s National Policy Forum.

Dear Comrade,

The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness (LCEH) has published its own manifesto to end homelessness. It is written with the approval of all the major homelessness charities and with expert advice from significant figures in the homelessness sector. We are now asking Labour to share our commitment at this general election.

Given the short notice of the election, I think this would be an excellent policy pledge for Labour to announce before the election and would gain widespread support from the British people.

Ending homelessness is exactly the type of issue that will simultaneously show the good a Labour government can achieve whilst shaming the Conservatives on their atrocious record with regard to this nation’s soaring homelessness.

Our manifesto provides the data, the research and the policies to back up our call to end homelessness. All we ask now is that Labour shares our campaign’s commitment to democratic socialism.

The manifesto is available on our website and can be found here:

The campaign has a simple aim: to end homelessness. … By Ryan Maynes, LCEH – Head of Policy. Designed By Sam Johnson Foreword By Cllr Sam Stopp, LCEH – Chair


Cllr Sam Stopp, Chair – LCEH