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By Cllr Sam Stopp, Chair – LCEH

Shadow Secretary of State for Housing and Planning, Rt Hon John Healey MP, has today edged Labour closer towards a commitment to ending homelessness. It was with this aim in mind that we launched this campaign in 2015.

Writing for LabourList today, Mr Healey says: “Homelessness is not inevitable in a country as decent and well off as ours. This problem can be solved, but it demands a new national will to do so. The rapidly rising number of people sleeping in doorways and on park benches shames us all. There can be no excuses – it must end. Full stop.”

This is the closest any Labour MP has come to formally endorsing a commitment to end homelessness, and we are delighted that Mr Healey has listened to the calls made by this campaign and others. We sincerely hope that Labour will include a pledge in its next manifesto to end homelessness in all its forms.

Were such a commitment to be made in Labour’s next manifesto, this would be the start of a long road towards achieving our ultimate aim of ending homelessness. In order to do so, Labour needs to win an election and lay down the policies we recommend in our ‘manifesto to end homelessness.’

It is also to be hoped that such a commitment would carry forward into future manifestos, and not merely be one-off.